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Ultimate Guide: Preparing for Your Dream Wedding Look with Big Island Hawaii Makeup

Updated: Apr 19

With your wedding day fast approaching, you're undoubtedly eager to ensure every detail is perfect, including your radiant skin and stunning hair. That's why we've curated this page, dedicated to providing you with invaluable tips and tricks to prepare your skin and hair for your big day here in Hawaii!

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Hawaii Wedding Makeup

6 months before your wedding

Six months before your wedding day marks the perfect time to kickstart your beauty preparations. Begin by establishing a robust skincare regimen to ensure your skin is radiant and glowing on the big day. Consistency is key, so start early to allow time for your skin to adapt to any new products. Additionally, book an appointment with your hairdresser to discuss and achieve your desired hair color. Whether it's maintaining highlights or experimenting with a new shade, starting this process early ensures you have ample time for any adjustments and avoids any last-minute hair color mishaps. Remember, healthy hair is happy hair, so avoid sudden drastic changes that could lead to damage. By starting early, you'll have the confidence of knowing you love your hair color well before you walk down the aisle.

  • Skin Care Routine

  • Hair Color

  • Create your Pinterest boards

Hawaii Wedding Makeup


3 months out

As the countdown to your wedding day reaches the three-month mark, it's time to focus on refining your beauty routine for that flawless bridal glow. Schedule a brow waxing or threading appointment to ensure your brows frame your face perfectly on your special day. Additionally, regular exfoliation becomes paramount, not just for your face but also for areas like your legs, arms, neck, and chest. This step is crucial if you plan on using self-tanner, as it promotes even application and longevity. Aim to exfoliate at least once a week for four weeks leading up to your self-tanning regimen. While maintaining your skincare routine and hair appointments, consider whether clip-in extensions could enhance your desired hairstyle. Many Pinterest-worthy hairstyles feature extensions, providing added length, volume, and the ability to hold curls, particularly in Hawaii's humid climate. For brides seeking versatility without the commitment, clip-in extensions offer a budget-friendly alternative to achieve the desired look. We recommend purchasing high-quality, 100% real human hair clip-ins, such as these Clips-Ins. Lastly, take this opportunity to fill out our bridal prep form and communicate your desired look. If you require access to the form or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

  • Brows

  • Exfoliation

  • Self Tanning

  • Hair Extensions

  • Bridal Prep Form


4 weeks out

As the excitement of your wedding day draws near, it's time to add some finishing touches to your pre-wedding beauty regimen. Begin by incorporating teeth whitening into your routine for a radiant smile that will sparkle in your wedding photos. Additionally, treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial to ensure your skin is glowing and flawless. Don't forget to address any unwanted facial hair by scheduling a session to remove hair on the upper lip and chin. These small but essential steps will enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence as you approach the big day.

Hawaii Wedding Makeup


1 week out

As the final week unfolds, it's time to add some finishing touches to your bridal preparations. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure session to ensure your nails are perfectly polished for the big day. Whether you opt for a classic French manicure or a bold pop of color, taking this time to pamper yourself will leave you feeling polished and confident as you walk down the aisle. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this moment of self-care before you embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Hawaii Wedding Makeup


The last 24 hours

As the final countdown begins to your Hawaii wedding makeup and hair excitement fills the air, it's essential to prioritize your well-being in the last 24 hours before your wedding. Start by hydrating adequately the day before and aim to minimize alcohol consumption to prevent any potential facial swelling or redness. Ensure you get a good night's rest to feel refreshed and energized for your special day. Before your appointment, indulge in a nutritious breakfast and remember to brush your teeth before the makeup application. To facilitate the styling process, please have clean, dry hair devoid of any styling products, and avoid applying conditioner to your roots to prevent oiliness. Have a fresh face, free of makeup, though light moisturizer and chapstick are welcome. And don't forget to bring along a bridal robe, so you can effortlessly slip into your wedding dress after your appointment, feeling pampered and ready to say 'I do'.

  • Text us your hotel room number and or give us parking details for your VRBO

  • Get a good night's sleep

  • Aloha Vibes Only!

See you soon!

Hawaii Wedding Makeup

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